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Scooters By Vespa Already Have Appealed To Numerous Nationalities

Vespa Scooters were invented by Soichiro Vespa, however his passion was vehicles. He enjoyed driving fast, as well as enjoying racing, and since he worked in an automotive repair shop as a teenager, he knew the mechanical things. He could tell a lot about operating motorbikes, actually being the owner of a Harley as well as an Indian.

It seemed to be only when he was 41, in 1948, that Vespa started his very own Vespa Motor Company, but he had already owned an auto repair shop, starting way back in 1928. He needed well-made products that could very well compete, so his emphasis was on design and quality. In 1953 Japan was having to deal with a depression, and, even though sales of Scooters were on the up, the success of his company was in jeopardy. A small quantity of Scooters ended up selling, and since he did not want to put people out of work, he kept the factory open. The intelligence of this decision was borne out in 1958, by the release of what became the most successful Scooters in the world, the C100 Super Cub. The bike was versatile and also inexpensive, near anybody's reach, driven by a 4-stroke motor with a 3-speed transmission.

Women particularly took to it for the intention of commuting, but novice riders of both genders loved it for its ease of use. The buzz of this bike skyrocketed Vespa to the number one position by number of Scooters makers in 1959. At that point they chose to set their sights on the world. They needed to set a precedence, and so they made a decision to come to the United States. Approval by the American public would mean acceptance by the rest of the world. Vespa was in fact first accessible to the American public in June, 1959, in Los Angeles, and by 1960 a person could buy a Vespa from any of more than 75 stores.

Vespa created more trust for their merchandise with their community participation, when they provided half of the funding for two organizations. People with a passion for motorcycling accepted and appreciated the importance of these organizations, namely the Scooters Industry Council and the Scooters Safety Council. In the 70's the Vespa company kept developing new models that people just couldn't resist, and they stayed number one in the industry. In 1973 Vespa bikes were the victors of over 70 races around the globe, and they were soon esteemed as the speediest available. The ground breaking GL1000 Gold Wing was launched in 1975, making touring bikes comfortable and stylish, and the style was hurriedly emulated by Vespa's rivals.

Revolutionary Scooters, popular with different cultures, have continued to be produced by Vespa. Part of their excellent image is due to their continued practice of donating Scooters to causes that they regard as worth supporting. They continue being active in bike safety by financing training courses and ensuring that motor cyclists have the best information. Over many decades now Vespa have confirmed that their Scooters tend to be amongst the most reliable around. The success they've attained with some of the big risks they have taken has resulted in Vespa being a virtual emperor of Scooters.

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