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Vespa Scooters Possess Cross-cultural Appeal

Vespa Scooters were developed by Soichiro Vespa, however his hobby was vehicles. He began learning the mechanical side of automobiles while still a teeenager, working in a repair shop, and he loved racing and fast driving. He had lots of experience with riding Scooters, because he owned both an Indian, and a Harley.

It appeared to be only when he was 41, in 1948, that Vespa launched his Vespa Motor Company, but he had already owned an auto repair shop, starting way back in 1928. He wanted well-made products that could very well compete, so his focus was on design and quality. Despite Scooters revenue being on an ascending trend in 1953, the economic depression in Japan almost wrecked his company. A small amount of Scooters had been selling, and since he didn't want to put people out of work, he kept the factory open. It was subsequently a good call, because the C100 Super Cub was introduced in 1958, and it became the world's most successful Scooters. The bike was versatile and cheap, inside anybody's reach, driven by a 4-stroke motor with a 3-speed transmission.

Individuals novices at Scooters found it easy to use, and it soon found a big following amongst women commuters. By 1959, due to this bike, the biggest maker of Scooters was Vespa. At that point they made a decision to set their sights on the global market. They planned to set a precedence, and so they elected to come to the United States. Endorsement by the American community would mean acceptance by the rest of the world. June of 1959 denoted the first time a Vespa could be purchased from a retail store in America, specifically in Los Angeles, and the number of well-to-do dealerships had mushroomed to over 75 just a year later.

By way of community involvement , mainly through sponsoring 50% of the funding needed by a pair of organizations, Vespa became a trusted brand. People with a passion for motorcycling identified and appreciated the importance of these organizations, namely the Scooters Industry Council and the Scooters Safety Council. People kept favoring Vespa to be the number one Scooters manufacturer during the seventies, as they continued developing new bikes which turned out irresistible. In 1973 Vespa bikes were the winners of over 70 races around the globe, and they were soon famous as the speediest available. During 1975 the GL1000 Gold Wing was unveiled as a touring bike, which added style and comfort to touring bikes, quickly copied by other manufacturers.

Vespa continued to develop unique Scooters which appeal to a cross-spectrum of cultures. They also try to maintain a good reputation with the public by donating many Scooters each year to causes that are deemed worthy. Vespa always foster biking safety through the courses they sponsor and by helping bikers have access to the most up-to-date information available. For a number of decades they have proven their Scooters to be one of the most reliable of those manufactured. They've become renowned rulers in the Scooters industry, in no small part because of their willingness to innovate irrespective of the circumstances.

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